20 Floor Apes and their Doppelganger Doggo companions.

We analyzed many floor apes all currently at or below 4 ETH in an effort to find the best doggo companion for each one. We hope this post is fun to read and look through and helps you realize new Ape-Doggo pair possibilites that you may or may not have been considering already. Browse the pairings and information below to help you quickly navigate and review what dogs the floor apes have to offer. (Data, prices, and listings are not current. Data is a snapshot as of the morning of 06/27/2021)

Oh, an apologies for the cheesy titles ahead of time!

“Hey Fez, how did you get all the holes in your shirt?”

Key Attributes: Fez Hats, Fur Color, Doggo Bites


Runner Up:


“LLahhhggghhh! Down boy!!”

Key Attributes: Fisherman’s Hats, Fur Color compliment, Doggo Bites and Ape reacts




“Wake up and play ball with me!”

Key Attributes: Beanies, Stripe Complements

“Zombie Ape’s Fast Food & Beer with Rollerblade Service”

Key Attributes: Zombie Eyes, Matching reds, Matching Fur, Service oriented looks,

“Work break”

Key Attributes: Matching color hats, cigarettes, fur color

“Let’s go to beach! Can we? Can we?”

Key Attributes: Beanies, Blue fur and blue flippers complement, Skull Collar and Skeleton Shirt complement, Background color complements.

Runner-up: Cotton Candy looks, added blue launcher, bone collar/bone shirt


“Welcome to doggo heaven!”

Key Attributes: matching halos, tux t-shirt and BAYC black Bandana complement, ape fur and doggie pack fur color complements, sad vs happy dynamic

“Leader of the motorcycle pack”

Key Attributes: Matching robot visor, Motorcycle vest, Doggo pack for bike ride

“Vest-up doggo!”

Key Attributes: Fez Hats, 3D glasses, Ape vest vs Doggo “Life Vest/Preserver”, Fur match and background color match, Ape smiles at doggo’s silliness.

“Captain, there’s no crying in basketball.”

Key Attributes: Matching Captain hats, pink fur, USA bandana and ape shirt, basketball theme and Harlem globetrotter style outfit.  Sad vs serious dynamic.

“Hey! Wing dog!”

Key Attributes: Pilot’s gear match, Ape color and doggo’s secondary color complements well, Ape Shirt and Doggo fur color match, beer-can matches background of ape quite well, looks like doggo is hitting ape with spitball, mouth traits match


“Remember to brush your teeth!”

Key Attributes: Pink fur match, 3d glasses, focus on teeth in both

Runner-up: Short Mohawk and Rat look similar!

Runner-up: Hotdog shaped mouths

“Bored Ape Gangs of New York”

Key Attributes: Bowler hats, cigarettes, doggo and ape expression and gang like, spiked collar ready to brawl, collar and ape fur color complements.

Runner-up: Bowler hats, cigarettes, cheetah complements orange background color


“Ahhh, Who’s a good demon dog?”

Key Attributes: Devil-like horns and Demon wings and glowing red eyes theme, both look happy to see each other instead of looking evil.



“Doggo, you lost your 3d glasses again?”

Key Attributes: Sadly, even with all the great beanie dogs, none have 3d glasses, but this pup has the rest of the outfit, beanies and stripes and green eyes to loosely match aqua marine ape background

“And then I said, see you later alligator!! Hahahaha”

Key Attributes:  There is not a possible match for helmets, but the beer helmet and Prussia helmet still pair well.  These two laughing together over old swamp stories make them a fun match.

“Dinner time?!”

Key Attributes: Zombie eyes, Doggo fur matches great with ape background.  Doggo looks like a hungry zombie.  Rat and Short Mohawk complement each other.


“AOA: Apes of Anarchy”

Key Attributes: Bowler hats, pink fur match, motorcycle ape-gang battle ready looks.  Doggo’s secondary color complements ape background color.


“Ape Gorton’s Fisherman”

Key Attributes: Overall color complements, Ape fisherman hat complements doggo rain hat, catching fish in mouth, doggo working through his injury even in the bad storms with a good “can-do” attitude.

“Well deserved Fishing R&R”

Key Attributes: Army boots match with army ape uniform, out on a boat enjoying a good day of fishing, both eyes closes, tan doggo color match background of ape nicely.  Fish in mouth and Sailor hat to round it off.


Boring Demo